Do you work abroad and want to borrow in Poland? read.

Economic emigration is now a very common phenomenon, also in Poland. Many of our countrymen work outside the country, earning much better than in their homeland. Do such people have a chance to receive a cash loan in Poland?

Complications with good credit standing

It would seem that better earnings of Poles abroad translate into their greater creditworthiness, and thus give them the opportunity to take even a substantial loan without any problems. While some time ago Porya financial institutions, including loan companies, were favorable to clients living and earning abroad, now the situation has changed somewhat.

The so-called so-called Porya Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) is of great importance here . Recommendation S , whose main assumption is the principle that the loan is to be granted in the currency in which the borrower earns. Such records have undoubtedly become an obstacle for those who work and earn in another country, but still associate their future with Poland and often return here. For them, credit or loan procedures have become much more complicated.

Non-bank and bank loans only with registration

A bank loan or payday loan in a non-bank company requires the consumer to have a permanent registered address in Poland. Most often, consumers working abroad have such a check-in, but due to logistical problems they are rarely at the address indicated. Sometimes it may happen that the loan company or other financial institution will require signing the necessary documents provided by the courier. Unfortunately, in this situation it will not be possible, because the authorized person will not be there.

Exchange offices and two accounts

When applying for a foreign currency loan, the consumer will have to pay the installments in PLN. However, there is a way out of this situation. For example, you can use the widely available online currency exchange offices, which allow you to quickly and easily exchange currency without visiting a traditional stationary currency exchange . To take advantage of this opportunity, the consumer must have two bank accounts, one in currency, and the other in zlotys, from which he will repay the installments of the financial commitment incurred in Poland.

While the provisions introduced by the PFSA for people working and earning outside Poland somewhat complicate the possibility of taking a loan or a loan in their homeland, it is not completely impossible. People using commercial bank services will surely face great difficulty, except for foreign currency loans. However, in the case of consumer loans, they are more easily available, but it is worth checking the terms of such a loan in a specific loan company.